Alternative treatments

There are a variety of treatments available for thread veins which are minimally invasive and do not involve surgery or a general anaesthetic.

These are natural remedies which contain food/plant extracts and vitamins, e.g. Vitamin K and are available as a series of creams, lotions etc.

Find out more about these alternative forms of treatment in this section.

Vitamin K creams

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which performs a range of vital functions that include skin rejuvenation. These are as follows:

  • Healthy blood clotting
  • Boosts skin healing, e.g. discolouration
  • Improves the tone and appearance of the skin
  • Removes dark circles under the eyes
  • Removes skin blemishes
  • Maintains the elasticity of the skin
  • Treats thread veins

There are three types of Vitamin K which are K1, K2 and K3. Vitamin K1 is found in a range of foods such as green leafy vegetables, e.g. broccoli, cereals and dairy products. Vitamin K2 is produced within the body's digestive system. Vitamin K3 is a synthetic variant.

Vitamin K is used in a range of skincare products, for example creams which heal skin which bruises easily. It is also used to treat bags under the eyes and blotchy/discoloured skin.

The aspect we are most interested in treating thread veins. There are creams which claim to reduce the appearance of thread veins and any redness in this skin.

One example of this is 'Jason's Vitamin K Crème Plus' which treats thread veins, dark circles under the eyes and bruised skin. It contains a range of natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel, marigold extract and rosehips as well as 3% Vitamin K.


Another option is a product called 'VeinClear'which also contain Vitamin K plus food extracts (e.g. horse chestnut) and is designed to treat thread veins. It aims to stop the spread of these veins.


These creams work by improving the circulation and strengthening the veins and are used by a great many people.

Do they work? There is conflicting evidence regarding the success of these creams. Many people have used these creams and found them to be useful at dealing with skin problems such as thread veins.

But on the other hand there are people who have not noticed any improvement after using these creams. Plus there are a few sceptics as well.

Opinion seems to be divided as to the efficiency and effectiveness of these creams.

There are people who prefer to use a concealer or a camouflage cream as these hide the signs of thread veins. Consider these as an option if you do not want to undergo treatment or use Vitamin K creams.

Guide to Thread Veins

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